Lindsey Evans shaved pubes

Lindsey Evans is nude Playboy (surprise, it still exists!)

Lindsey Evans has switched to the new standard at Playboy. Previously, Playmates sported a small bush or a landing strip. Nowadays, it’s all about a Brazilian wax or a meticulous shave. Now, I wonder who got that job!

Melissa Satta shaved pubes

Melissa Satta is walking down the catwalk in her transparent bikini.

It’s no surprise she fully expected her pussy lips to be visible to all, so she shaved her pubes.

Barbara Evans shaved pubes

Barbara Evans shows off her shaved pubes in the December issue of Playboy Brazil.

You might wonder what is unique about a sexy Brazilian model shaving her pubes for fame and fortune? Well, her mom, Monique Evans, is one of the hall of fame Playmodel models in Brazil, who went on to become a TV star. So you might say she’s following her mother’s footsteps.

Bar Refaeli shaved pubes

Bar Refaeli has a new photo album out and this is one of the artsy photos in it.

Bar Refaeli is nude lying on her bed sheets looking at the camera. Her pubes look shaved (or trimmed) but with this shadow, there could be a small bush hiding there!

Paz De La Huerta hairy pubes

Paz De La Huerta has a nude scene on TV! Now, this isn’t surprising but the fact she is also pregnant and hairy is very surprising!

Scarlett Johansson shaved pubes

Scarlett Johansson nude photos leaked last week. Unfortunately, the resolution and the poses made it difficult to judge the state of her pubes.

Fortunately, we got this new photo of Scarlett Johansson’s butt and it looks like her pussy is shaved!