Sharon Stone pubes

Sharon Stone was probably the actress that benefited most from her hairy pubes!

So it’s understandable she wants to keep that special place in our collective memories. Check out Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

sharon stone pubes

Abi Titmus pubes

Abi Titmus has already released a sex tape so there’s little else for her to do than flash a shaved pussy where a paparazzi would take a photo.

Her upskirt is nice but the angle is kinda odd. I can’t make out of her pubes are completely shaved or she has left some kind of an airstrip.

abi titmus pubes

Ludivine Sagnier pubes

Ludivine Sagnier pubes should come to you as no surprise. She’s French and if there’s one thing we know about French actresses, they’re not afraid to strip all the way!

The screen cap is from a movie called Water Drops on Burning Rocks in case you’re interested in renting. She looks like a natural blond but her bush seems quite a bit darker. Oh, maybe she dies her hair (duh!).

ludivine sagnier pubes

Update: Check out this amazing video of Ludivine Sagnier topless!

Marisa Miller pubes

Now, you might think this is an ad for iPod. It’s not. It’s a close-up of Marisa Miller pubes, or rather lack of. Now, she could still have some sort of an airstrip below the iPod but I doubt it. She looks thoroughly waxed!

Naomi Watts pubes

Naomi Watts pubes are making an appearance (or perhaps not) in the movie Ellie Parker.

Maybe I should upload a video instead of these photos because it’s kinda hard to see if she has any hair down there! My bet is Naomi Watts shaves but for some reason blonds prefer an airstrip instead of a clean shave.

Jennifer Aniston pubes

A Jennifer Aniston upskirt is a precious occurrence! Imagine my surprise when her panties reveal that our friend Jen doesn’t shave!

Now, I bet she’s not THAT hairy either – I think I can make out an air strip…

Update: Jennifer Aniston is nude in the new issue of GQ magazine!