Alessandra Ambrosio shaved pubes

Alessandra Ambrosio shaves her pubes before a photo shoot, that’s common sense.

What’s not common sense is that in a position like hers, a pussy lip might decide to make a run for it!

alessandra ambrosio shaved pubes

Uma Thurman hairy pubes

Uma Thurman has been caught bathing nude on this beach in Mexico.

So if you’re into MILFs, here’s a candid view of the kind of bush you are gonna get.

Nicky Whelan wet pubes

Nicky Whelan poses in see-through bikini on this paradise beach. The best part is the water dripping off her wet pubes!

Maria Menounos shaved pubes

Maria Menounos is taking time off for the holidays in her super-sexy bikini from Miami Beach.

The amazing part is when Maria comes out of the water and her shaved pussy says Hi.

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Roxanne Pallett hairy pubes

Roxanne Pallett stars in the straight-to-video classic, Lake Placid 3.

The movie has an abysmal rating at IMDb, but obviously the director knew this will happen, so he asked Roxanne Pallett to strip naked before being eaten by an alligator.

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Nicole Austin pubes

Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin is soaking up the sun in bikini that are at least 2 sizes too small. Her big breasts are bursting out and her pubes are making a run for the hills.

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