Laetitia Casta hairy pubes

Laetitia Casta shows off her big breasts in this nude movie scene.

However, right at the end, you can see her naturally hairy pubes. Who says French girls shave??

Laetitia Casta nude scene

Emily Browning pubes

Emily Browning is totally naked in Sleeping Beauty.

You can make out Emily’s pubes but we’d have to wait for HD version in order to make out the exact “cut” and size of that bush.

Olga Kurylenko pubes

In a new french movie, Olga has another nude scene where you can see her topless, even nude.

olga kurylenko pubes

Hayley-Marie Coppin pubes

Hayley-Marie Coppin stars in Cashback, a movie that is about a woman being naked. At least, that what we can tell from the photos.

Oh, she plays the “Swedish” student, we know that thanks American Pie foreign exchanges students are always super hot.

Sophie Marceau hairy pubes

Sophie Marceau appears nude in the 1995 movie Beyond the Clouds. Her natural pubes seem to be pretty appropriate for the 90s.

sophie marceau hairy pubes

One could wonder what’s the big deal with Sophie Marceau famous nipple slip when she appears naked in movies.

Liv Tyler pubes

Liv Tyler appears in several very sexy scenes in Stealing Beauty. If you’re a fan of her (or Rachel Weisz‘), go rent the movie.

The sex scene itself is a “bit” dark, so it’s not easy to tell if Liv Tyler pubes are shaved or natural. I go with shaved, just because Rachel Weisz pubes appear 100% natural in the same movie.

liv tyler pubes