Madonna natural pubes

When it comes to natural pubes (hell, this is where BUSH comes from), there’s nothing better than some vintage photos.

Here’s Madonna’s hairy bush back in the day when she actually looked hot.

madonna natural pubes

Tierra Lee shaved pubes

Tierra Lee is a super sexy model who recently did a stint a Playboy as their Cybergirl.

As it turns out, we have photos of Tierra Lee both from the front and from the back. Enjoy!

Tierra Lee pubes back

Tierra Lee pubes 1

Hani Furstenberg hairy pubes

Hani Furstenberg appears naked in The Loneliest Planet 2011 Edition.

So if you are a fan of natural pubes and a nice, trimmed bush, this is the one to get! As an added bonus – it’s also wet!

hani furstenberg hairy pubes

Sarah Silverman pubes

Sarah Silverman is a comedy actress but this doesn’t mean we are not curious about the color of her pubes! No, no, no!

Here’s a screencap from the movie Take This Waltz, where Sarah bathes in the nude, showing off a natural bush. Comedy doesn’t tolerate anything less than natural pubes, shaved pubes are simply not funny!

Roxanne Pallett hairy pubes

Roxanne Pallett stars in the straight-to-video classic, Lake Placid 3.

The movie has an abysmal rating at IMDb, but obviously the director knew this will happen, so he asked Roxanne Pallett to strip naked before being eaten by an alligator.

roxanne pallett hairy pubes

Polly Walker pubes

Polly Walker plays Atia in the TV costume drama that is ROME. If you are a fan of ancient pubes, you might want to check it out.

There’s a lot of nudity in the movie, so even if you don’t like Polly, you might find another hairy girl that’s to your liking.

polly walker pubes