Megan Fox pubes

Megan Fox pubes seem to resurface a couple of months AFTER her FHM photo shoot.

Check out this outtake photo where she pulls down her panties. You can see Megan Fox‘s tattoo and another dark patch … the so called treasure trail. As Bruno would say: More men have walked down this trail than Fifth Avenue.

megan fox pubes

Sandra Lou pubes

Sandra Lou is making her red carpet approach when a gust of wind came from the North (to quote Manowar). What an amazing upskirt…

Sandra Lou sports the biggest pair of knickers
I’ve seen in a looong time. Yet, her hairy pubes make a mad dash to get a peak at all photographers.

sandra lou pubes

Update: I think Sandra Lou is sporting a little bit of a nipple slip to boot!

Emma Greenwood pubes

Emma Greenwood pubes come courtesy of Big Brother 5 (UK).

emma greenwood pubes

Emma Watson pubes

In case you’re wondering, Emma Watson is the girl from the Harry Potter movie. Thanks go to Egostastic!

Emma Watson upskirt

Based on the above, she could probably audition for HAIRY Potter and snatch the role!

Victoria Silvstedt pubes

Whan an amazing shot! Another Victoria Silvstedt upskirt and her panties are 99% transparent. Ok, make that 100% transparent. You can actually see her pubes…

Victoria Silvstedt upskirt

Here’s a close-up of the Victoria Silvstedt upskirt.

Victoria Silvstedt upskirt

Kristanna Loken pubes

Kristanna Loken is the sex bomb that plays the robot in Terminator 3. There are rumors she’s lesbian but lesbian pubes are as good as any. Judging from the shape of her panties, her bush seems to be quite formidable!

Kristanna Loken upskirt