Ashley Dupre shaved pubes

Ashley Dupre is in this month’s Playboy magazine (I’m not sure if magazines still exist but anyhow).

Ashley shaved her pubes for the occasion, although I do see it more and more often these days.

ashley dupre shaved pubes

Lindsay Lohan shaved pubes

Lindsay Lohan shaved her firecrotch a while back and it looks like she never looked back. Her pubes don’t stand a chance to make a come back… at least not until she’s out of the limelight.

lindsay lohan shaved pubes

Naomi Watts pubes

Naomi Watts pubes are making an appearance (or perhaps not) in the movie Ellie Parker.

Maybe I should upload a video instead of these photos because it’s kinda hard to see if she has any hair down there! My bet is Naomi Watts shaves but for some reason blonds prefer an airstrip instead of a clean shave.

Britney Spears shaved

Finally! Someone has shown Britney Spears which way the razor actually works. She should be pleased with the results.

The paparazzi could’ve made us feel better about it too if he had waited for a better moment.

Marisa Tomei pubes

Marisa Tomei is not afraid to appear naked in her movies. Obviously, she’s not afraid to showcase her bald beaver to paparazzi either. You can tell she’s into the whole shaving thing.

marisa tomei pubes

Kelly Brook pubes

Does anyone know that Kelly Brook doesn’t wear panties? I can’t tell if she’s trimmed or all hairy – the photo is a bit blurred. You can tell she’s not shaven though.

Kelly Brook Upskirt