Beyonce nude upskirt

Well, Beyonce needs to make up her mind: stripper or singer. I’m certain she could be a decent stripper – she got the moves. I’m afraid she might need to move about 10 pounds from her back to her tits though.

beyonce nude upskirt

Update: Solange Knowles has a cameltoe of her own, not to be upstaged by her big sista.

Hillary Duff pubes

Hillary Duff pubes are a bit hard to judge from this photo. I think she definitely went for a close shave for this concert.

Hillary Duff upskirt

Bonus: Hillary Duff wet bikini photos.

Lindsay Lohan pubes

Lindsay Lohan pubes make a startling appearance… Lindsay Lohan’s pussy seems to be shaven clean. I guess she was teased for much too long about her Firecrotch.

lindsay lohan pubes

Denise Richards pubic hair

Judging from the angle this photo was taken, the paparazzi was probably in the water… And believe me, he needed the additional cooling!

Denise Richards upskirt closeup is amazing! She’s not as fit as Jessica Biel but she’s one good looking chick!

Check out Denise Richards in latex – smoking!

Denise Richards cameltoe

Update: some professional photography makes Denise Richards pubes look real good!