Nadya Suleman shaved pubes

Nadya Suleman is putting quite a show in a Miami strip club.

I guess the original deal was for her to be topless but then her pussy lip made a run for it. So at least we are 100% certain she shaves before every show. Her eight kids will be so proud of her.

nadya suleman shaved pubes

Aylin Alp pubes

Aylin Alp is a German model of Turkish descent who has crossed the previously “iron wall” forbidding Muslim women to strip in public.

Lucy Collett shaved pubes

Lucy Collett shaved pubes in this woodland photoshoot. That was BEFORE she became a page 3 girl.

Tia Carrere pubes

Tia Carrere is one nude celebrity that I never tire to see.

Tia’s exotic, she’s sexy, and best of all
, she’s not afraid to remove unnecessary clothes which in her case is all of them. Check out her pubes too, her front lawn looks perfectly natural – neither too manicured, nor too bushy.

tia carrere pubes