Kesha shaved pubes

Now, if anyone was in doubt that Kesha is a natural blonde, well, he will remain in doubt.

Kesha shaves (or waxes) her pubes pretty thoroughly before a concert. Just ask Kesha’s pussy lip as it’s winking at you, a full inch outside her panties.

kesha shaved pubes

Christina Aguilera pubes

Christina Aguilera leaked her closet photos on the Internet. She looks a little trashy in this photo, but you can tell she shaves (or waxes).

christina aguilera pubes

Barbara Evans shaved pubes

Barbara Evans shows off her shaved pubes in the December issue of Playboy Brazil.

You might wonder what is unique about a sexy Brazilian model shaving her pubes for fame and fortune? Well, her mom, Monique Evans, is one of the hall of fame Playmodel models in Brazil, who went on to become a TV star. So you might say she’s following her mother’s footsteps.

Lady Gaga shaved pubes

Lady Gaga‘s outfit is so much over the top, you cannot even enjoy the upskirt.

Adriana Lima shaved pubes

Adriana Lima is doing what she does best – walk the catwalk and show off her shaved pubes.

Adriana Lima in see-through panties is why Victoria’s Secret models get so much money I guess. It’s just one step shot of a full one erotic video.

Sara Jean Underwood shaved pubes

Sara Jean Underwood is nude in the Seven Deadly Sins.

I’m not sure which are the other six, but the number one deadly sin has to be shaving one’s pubes.

Update: A closer look at Sara Jean Underwood’s breasts.