Laetitia Casta hairy pubes

Laetitia Casta shows off her big breasts in this nude movie scene.

However, right at the end, you can see her naturally hairy pubes. Who says French girls shave??

Laetitia Casta nude scene

Madonna natural pubes

When it comes to natural pubes (hell, this is where BUSH comes from), there’s nothing better than some vintage photos.

Here’s Madonna’s hairy bush back in the day when she actually looked hot.

madonna natural pubes

Paz De La Huerta hairy pubes

Paz De La Huerta has been shooting nude scenes left and right recently!

This time she poses stark nude for famous photographer Terry Richardson. As you see, her pubes are all hairy and natural.

Tierra Lee shaved pubes

Tierra Lee is a super sexy model who recently did a stint a Playboy as their Cybergirl.

As it turns out, we have photos of Tierra Lee both from the front and from the back. Enjoy!

Tierra Lee pubes back

Tierra Lee pubes 1

Christine Teigen hairy pubes upskirt

Christine Teigen has mastered the art of making a splash at the N.Y. Fashion Week. The show is choke full with beautiful models, so what do you do to make an impression?

Yes, you show your vagina! Just so it stays classy and tasty, you trim your pubes slightly!

christine teigen hairy pubes

Hani Furstenberg hairy pubes

Hani Furstenberg appears naked in The Loneliest Planet 2011 Edition.

So if you are a fan of natural pubes and a nice, trimmed bush, this is the one to get! As an added bonus – it’s also wet!

hani furstenberg hairy pubes